Organizations rise and fall based on their communications.
Successful communications deliver messages
that drive behaviors - buying products, providing support,
helping you succeed.

Many communicate, few communicate in ways that help create
lasting success.
The secret is communications based on research,
planned, executed according to plan and measured.

Our focus is strategy and counsel, as well as high-stakes,
high-value services. We provide communications solutions
to problems, needs and opportunities.


Stakes are high, time is short. Behavior must be impacted
and dramatic results achieved now. Communications will
make a difference.

An issue fast gaining public attention will help or hurt.
You can't afford to let it play out without your involvement.

A crucial public policy decision is looming and your opposition
is getting all the attention. You simply cannot lose on this one.

Maybe you see opportunity, but don't know how to leverage it.
People need to know good news, for a change.

All are instances where communications campaigns
can make a measurable difference. We can help.

Community-Based Issues

Your organization routinely deals with issues that affect
or are raised by the community. We resolve community-based
issues so that everyone wins.

We can help when an outside organization enters this market,
is already present and needs to rethink or recast its presence,
encounters an issue that arouses controversy and resistance,
or realizes that its future is tied to community perception
of its character.

Strategic Communications is extremely well connected
and respected in the greater San Diego community.
Ask how we can leverage that to your benefit.

Community Investment

Giving back is an American tradition. But businesses today
want donations of time, products, services and money
to provide tangible business returns.

Strategic community investment generates substantial returns...
for the business, its stakeholders and the communities
in which it operates.

Key to success is alignment of community needs,
stakeholder interests and involvement opportunities.
We gather information, then create a strategy
leading to the all-win. Companies that endear, endure.

Crisis Communications

A crisis explodes and people think “damage control.”
Crisis can cripple an organization or provide
an exceptional opportunity. Attention is focused,
interest is high. An intelligent campaign can drive
critical messages to audiences you need to reach.

Or a lawsuit erupts. Communications can help
in the court of public opinion. A well thought out
campaign can support legal strategies to help you win
even before you get to court.

Communications Planning

You need communications that deliver bottom-line results
beyond being known or having a good image.
That means you need strategic communications planning.

Our plans are maps to get from here to there.
They are built on data; outline goals, objectives, strategies
and tactics; and include metrics to evaluate success.
They help you get to results.


Peter James MacCracken, APR
developed his skills by facilitating sessions
with client executive teams to build consensus
on communications strategies. Discussions
that began with a communications focus
almost inevitably moved into broader,
operational areas.
Over time, MacCracken’s facilitation became
focused on achieving consensus on overall strategy first
and communications strategy second.

      “Peter listens and provides feedback in a quiet, polite,
      helpful way that invariably gets to the bottom of an issue.
      By the time he has helped coalesce a plan, everyone feels
      as though it is their plan and immediately take ownership.”

            Ronne Froman, RADM (Ret.)
            Former Senior VP, Energy Group
            General Atomics

Litigation Support

In our highly litigious world, legal actions, crises
and high-profile issues must be managed by attorneys
and communications professionals. Traditionally, they have
been in disagreement over how much to communicate.

Strategic Communications has been engaged by numerous
law firms and attorneys to help strike the right balance.
When compelling communications support the legal team,
the client wins in both the court of law and the court of public

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                Can Win in Both Courts"

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Strategic Communications is highly regarded
for expertise in managing crises and
communications campaigns, building community
profiles,and providing incisive counsel to CEOs.
When you
believe communications
can lead to success,
contact us.
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