Full Case Study

Crises are two-edged swords
with reputational risk and upside opportunity.
When interest is high, damage control can evolve
to communications that advance clients’ causes. 
Turning Crises into Opportunities
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SGPA Architecture & Planning

Turned blame for delays and overruns in a 1998 airport expansion into a positive outcome.  Discovered and leveraged the concept of a "megaproject" that by its nature increases in scope, takes longer than planned and requires additional budget.  Upon completion, the project was called "… the design standard for any new airport additions."


San Diego Data Processing Corporation

Conceived, wrote and coordinated production of an annual report to showcase management’s turnaround of an organization tainted by controversy. Used testimonials to highlight positives and illustrate its importance to the City of San Diego. The first annual report in two years cost roughly one-third of previous reports.

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